Economic Equality

I fight for the underdogs because power is rooted in economic inequality, I want to be the moderating voice in Montpelier to make sure that government recognize the economic diversity of our state, and ensure that everyone has a voice in the future of the Vermont economy. Politicians forget that most people are too busy trying to make a living, raising their kids, or serving their community to be caught up in the day-to-day of politics. This results in a collection of laws and regulations that favor those with the time and resources to make their needs heard. I want to ensure we are moving toward income AND wealth equality. I want to enable home-based businesses like agriculture and consulting, as well as passion projects like food trucks, general stores, and tech start-ups. These are all pieces of the future.


There are many reasons for the housing crisis, but there’s only one solution– we need to build more homes. Government should make it easier for low threat projects in rural areas to get off the ground by reducing administrative requirements.

Rural Capacity

State and Federal governments can set aside as much money as they want, but if local government doesn’t have the capacity to make use of it, then it’s just going to further the wealth gap between rural and urban areas. Small towns are run by volunteers, and usually just a handful of super volunteers that populate every town committee. The state should enable these areas by reducing administrative burdens and increasing human resources through the regional commissions.

Population Growth

more kids, more families, more immigrants)

Never confuse movement with action

Ernest Hemingway